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And on Feb 11, about the time the sun poked up above the horizon for the first time that winter, De Veer noted that (pg.

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one bear at the house (killed) [rendered 100 lbs of fat] 17 Feb.

In my next post, I’ll examine the evidence that polar bear biologists and hunters have to offer regarding the question of what polar bears do during the cold and dark of an Arctic winter.

Oral presentation at the Humboldt Association Symposium, Vancouver, B.

With the notable exception of that dead-of-winter break (Nov.

31), bears watched and stalked them continuously from mid-Sept.

It seems apparent that these interchangeable pronouns are not meant to denote the sex of the bears described.] On Feb.

12 they killed a bear and De Veer noted that during the butchering, they recovered at least one hundred pounds of fat out of her belly, which we melted and burnt in our lamp…for by that means we still kept [could keep?

meant it had about three months of darkness, from early November through early February.

The insight into polar bear winter activities comes from the marked lull in polar bear sightings and attacks experienced by Barents and his crew during this period.

121): The 4 of November it was calm weather, but then we saw the sun no more, for it was no longer above the horizon…The same day we took a white [arctic] fox…the bears left us at the setting of the sun, and came not again before it rose [in the spring], the fox[es] to the contrary came abroad when they [the bears] were gone.

This suggests that during the darkest days of the Arctic winter, the polar bears in the vicinity of northern Novaya Zemlya were inactive.

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