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Does every song on Spotify seem like its directed straight to your weary heart?

Wherever you go, a memory of you and your ex emerges from the archives of your mind only to release the flood gates to a river of tears which feel out of control.

Resist the temptation to reach out to alcohol, drugs or any other numbing substances that will only suppress your emotions.

Society has taught us that sadness and tears equate to weakness, but this is a lie.

In fact, the reason why you are feeling the way you are is because of your great physical and mental health.

Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to help deal with such a loss. Never mind what the neighbours above might think because the process of shedding tears releases a hormone into the system which helps us to relax.

The longer you hold in your emotions the longer they will stick around...

just like that annoying drunk guest who won't leave the party after it's over.

Remember, it's OK not to not be OK and don't feel shy to turn to that BFF for some shoulder space.

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