Yamapi dating gaijin

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The magazine describes the woman as someone who "had the same feel as a Hollywood actress", and the pair were apparently talking in English.

There have also been eyewitness reports of Kamenashi at Disneyland on another day.

But the magazine did not imply any romantic relationship, as a showbiz insider comments, "I don't think they're an item".

Kamenashi was previously rumored with Kyoko Koizumi, Aya Omasa, and Anne, among others.

ended this past weekend, and I say apparently because all I heard were viewers railing at the ending nonsense but I didn’t watch it myself.

Or maybe folks are pissed at the process, or like me, pissed that this entire dreck of a drama even existed in the first place so that a prime time slot got wasted for four months.Up next is (Chinese title 就是要你愛上我 Just Want to Make You Fall in Love with Me). book), with a bit from a face that doesn’t have a natural inclination to move.If the similar sounding titles don’t give away the redux vibe, the drama stills and previews literally bash us over the head with it even if this time around Puff is off being happily pretend married to Heechul so Aaran needs to make do with Tia Li instead. Whether this drama works or not, it’s premiering this Sunday on SETTV so check it out for real or trainwreck potential.While neither Puff nor Tia will win any acting awards in their lifetime, Puff is actually animated and can occasionally be charming to watch. Poor Aaron is stuck playing a ridiculous two-fer of a character, by day he’s marketing wunderkind Lu Tian Xing, by night he’s marketing intern Xiao Lu, and everyone in the drama believes that the two men look alike but aren’t the same guy due to a pair of glasses and a different wardrobe.Puff was hideously screechy as befits her antagonist character in , but in Just You everything clicked and she was adorable even if overacting most of the time. The official drama stills are the kicker, anyone who watched and followed along with Just You will immediately recognize iconic scenes such as naked Aaron in the shower getting accidentally spied on, the two leads playfully sitting together, and the leading lady pressed down on Aaron’s on the sofa.Tia is just a complete fail thus far, I haven’t seen her actually succeed at any type of character, where antagonist ().

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