Wince updating registry values

As you may know, Remote Desktop Mobile (RDM) does not support auto-login.

But sometimes you may want a user does not change settings and is directly connected to a Terminal Server.

Ruggedized devices are often used in warehouses and the IT structure uses a terminal server to gather data and manage goods.

wince updating registry values-7

The RDM or Terminal Service Client provided with Windows CE devices is much more flexible and can be configured by the OEM to enable you to auto-login into a Terminla Server (TS).

OK, the challenge was to automate the startup and login of RDM on a Windows Mobile 6.1 device.

I started using embedded Visual C 4.0 although this is outdated by VS2005 and VS2008.

The idea was to launch the exe, fill in the values and click the Connect bar.

Normally, on desktop windows, windows and there childs are located in there own tree (see desktop PC spy screenshot).

On WM61 I found, that the RDM window (class=”TSSHELLWND”) and the Connect dialog (class=”Dialog”) are located side by side below the desktop window (see cespy screenshot).

This makes it hard to find the right dialog, especially as the Connect Dialog does not have a unique window title (window text).

The windows can be identified as belonging together by there process ID.

Knowing the right window I was able to set the text entries by knowing there control IDs (dialogs use ctrl IDs for easier access of the data, see scan Tsc Dialog() in tsc Dialog.cpp).

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