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I am not going to repeat a lot of information that all of you already know about Eddie.

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I’m grateful for technology today because I would not have the space or the correct data to summarize Eddie’s career.

He gave his heart to this business and never failed to give his 200%.

When Eddie came home for a couple of days, his mind never rested. He would stand in front of a mirror and practice facials.

And one of my favorite things he would do is work on new wrestling moves with me.

Which ended up leading to other extracurricular activities that didn’t involve wrestling…wink wink! Not being a part of the girls’ upbringing was something difficult that affected everyone in the family.

I was always eager to volunteer for those practice sessions!!! I felt at times I was married to a camcorder because that was the only way of involving Eddie with our daughter’s activities.

Listening to him at 2 in the morning on a phone call about cancelled flights, driving 4-5 hours every night to the next show, and starving if there was no sign of food for hours.

I know in my heart I was a great wife, not perfect but learned to be quiet and just listen.

I kept a clean house, unlimited supply of food in the fridge, and made an effort to have our family time quiet and just us.

Our favorite times as a family would be picking Eddie up from the airport.

His favorite moments that brought happiness to Eddie was having our daughters greet him.

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