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Georgie Thompson is struggling to hold up the black evening dress she is wearing for the YOU photos.

The Sky Sports News presenter and panellist on Sky1’s A League of Their Own is so tiny – barely over five foot – that despite the stylist’s best efforts with pins and masking tape she is totally swamped by the dress.

But from the other side of the camera it isn’t possible to see how constrained and uncomfortable she is as she smiles gamely for the photographer.‘The preconception – and actually misconception – when people see these photos is that I am really glamorous, but I am really not.

No one will see the pins or my Spanx shorts underneath. People think, “How glamorous to be broadcasting live about tennis from a studio at Wimbledon”, but what they don’t see is the rain and the wind blowing through the studio and me having to change my clothes and redo my make-up between live links,’ she says with a laugh that is as deep as her voice.

The combination of that deep voice, her good looks and her involvement in the predominantly male world of TV sport has made Georgie (who turns 34 today) into something of a sex symbol to men and – particularly – boys of a certain age.When I reveal that she is very much on the radar of my 19-year-old son and then add that she is currently at No 52 in men’s magazine FHM’s website list of ‘the most beautiful women in the world’ she lets out another guffaw.‘I am very flattered considering I have never actually taken my clothes off for a men’s magazine.Not just because I don’t particularly want to, but also because if you are a girl in sports it’s already a contentious subject as to why you are there, and you are only going to give people more ammunition if you do something like that,’ she says.Funny, ridiculously self-deprecating and full of energy, Georgie is brilliant – if slightly exhausting – company.Born Georgina Jane – the eldest of two daughters of property developer Clive and his wife Gilly, a full-time mother – she enjoyed a privileged childhood in Hertfordshire, attending prestigious Queenswood School where she excelled at tennis and hockey (it was, she says with another laugh, ‘absolutely jolly hockey sticks’).

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