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, is speeding to Kennedy Airport in a black stretch limo. Fox turns to a middle-class family driving up in a maroon Ford on the other side of the limo.

He decides he'd like some air and sticks his head out through the sun roof. One by one, their faces light up as if they'd just caught a moonbeam.

A large, redfaced man driving a tanker in the next lane gives him a look. The younger son starts jumping up and down in his seat with excitement.

After the limo drops Fox off, I turn to his driver and bodyguard of four days and say, "What a good kid." "He's not a kid," the driver replies.

"Lots of people misunderstand because of the roles he plays.

He's a good person."For three years, Michael J.

Fox, 24, has been best known as Alex Keaton, the comical, reactionary son of two former flower children in NBC's a smart, sweet movie in which his character, Marty Mc Fly, travels in time and encounters his parents as high-school students, with near disastrous results for all.

An army brat and the fourth of five children, Fox appears years younger than his age.

In fact, his first professional acting job, at 15, was a TV series role written for a 10-year-old.

After two years on that show–a Canadian Broadcasting Company series called .

Fox was cast as Marty Mc Fly six weeks into filming, after Eric Stoltz was fired from the role.

(Executive producer Steven Spielberg and director-cowriter Robert Zemeckis had wanted Fox from the beginning, but the producer of wouldn't let him go with a full production season ahead.) Fox still had seven more episodes of the sitcom to tape, so he worked double time.

After a full day on the TV show, he'd report immediately to the Universal lot to work into the early morning hours on .

Unfazed, and grateful to the show that he feels made all the rest possible, Fox looks forward to playing Alex this season. "This year I'm going to take it easy, do and then maybe do a project next year. It's about time, because so many of the so-called youth films of the past weren't about real kids. Finally, young people are being recognized as human beings, and their stories are so appealing and attractive and such a revelation that the whole thing just exploded.

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