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"Extra's" Mario Lopez caught up with Jon Gosselin at Universal Studios Hollywood, where the former "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star opened up about his financial woes, why it didn't work out with ex-wife Kate Gosselin, why he's not currently dating, and much more!

When Mario asked about Jon’s rumored financial woes and eviction, Jon revealed, “The truth is I made some poor financial decisions, but I am living in a home.” When asked the major reason things didn't work out between him and Kate, Jon explained, “The biggest reason, I think we both wanted different things.

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” and Jon said, “There is no real relationship, like we don't talk...” As for his offer to co-parent with Kate, Jon said, "It's just not working at this point in time." Will he be watching Kate on “Celebrity Apprentice? If she gets fired probably, I'll watch that episode.” Jon also recalled his daughters’ awkward appearance on the “Today” show back in January.

“I just felt really bad for my girls, so I called them afterwards, and I was just like, ‘Don't worry about it.’” Moving on to Jon's love life and concentrating his efforts on being a good father, Mario asked, “Is there anyone special in your life right now?

Jon set the record straight and explained, “I'm dating myself right now,” adding, “because I don't even know myself…

No matter what she posts on Instagram, it seems like fans will find a way to criticize Kate Gosselin.

The mom-of-eight took to the social media platform to share a sweet photo of 13-year-old Alexis...

Kate Gosselin's kids are all grown up, but the reality star mama still reminisces about her little ones from time to time! 20, Kate took to Instagram to post a throwback pic from...It's been nearly eight years since Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for divorce, but it doesn't seem like their co-parenting skills have improved!Recently, the father-of-eight — who expressed concerns...It's time to get Kate Gosselin back in the dating scene — according to her eight kids, that is!The reality star mom has been divorced from her children's father, Jon Gosselin, for nearly a decade,...They're the exes that just won't stop fighting.

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