Who is jared padalecki dating 2016

"It was really special and unexpected," he said, sharing the two had their first date over lunch."It turned into hanging out, talking about traveling, and turned into dinner." Padalecki and Cortese were married in 2010 and are parents to Thomas, 4, and Shepherd, 2.

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And now the actor who played Rory’s first love, Jared Padalecki, is dropping some tantalizing clues.

We already knew that Rory would probably not end up with Padalecki’s Dean.

Common sense and a slip of the tongue from the actor who played Rory’s fictional father, David Sutcliffe, made that pretty clear.

And in a new interview, Padalecki confirmed to )Padalecki said that his one scene is set in Dean’s old work place, Doose’s Market.

It gave Padalecki a “good amount of stuff” to do and “explained a lot” about what his character had been up to.

The scene, he claims, gives Dean some closure, which is a relief.

The last time Padalecki appeared on the show was a really sad and bitter Season 5 scene in which the freshly jilted Dean warned Luke that men like them would never be good enough for the Gilmore women.

It sounds like poor Dean gets a happier ending here.

Something, I imagine, akin to Carrie’s final Season 6 encounter with John Corbett’s Aidan on didn’t happen, right?

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