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Country singer Gretchen Wilson is happy to call herself a redneck woman — and so is her 7 ½-year-old daughter Grace Frances!

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The mom has no doubt in her mind that Grace will go on to finish school. And now that I have my diploma, I have something that she doesn’t have.

Performed in bars near hometown of Pocahontas, IL; moved to Nashville, 1996; became involved with Muzik Mafia circle of performers and artists; signed to Sony Nashville label; released Here for the Party, featuring hit song Redneck Woman,2004; released All Jacked Up, 2005.

Awards: Horizon Award, Country Music Association, 2004; best new artist, American Music Awards, 2004; Grammy Award for best female country vocal performance, Recording Academy, for "Redneck Woman," 2005; female vocalist of the year, Country Music Association, 2005; favorite female country artist, American Music Award, 2005.

At a time when female vocals in country music were mostly the province of divas who wore designer clothes and aspired to pop sophistication, Gretchen Wilson put the music back in touch with its "redneck" roots—to use the term that Wilson took to the top of the country charts.

Country radio in early 2004 was ruled by Wilson's hit "Redneck Woman," an anthem whose lyrics, co-written by Wilson, dedicated themselves to "redneck girls like me." That single and the album that followed, Here for the Party, were among the fastest-selling recordings in country music history, and some observers thought they signaled a change in direction for the genre as a whole. Her 2005 follow-up, All Jacked Up, was a four-time Grammy nominee.

Wilson's songs were filled with images of small-town life, and she lived the life she sang about.

Born on June 16, 1973, she grew up in tiny Pocahontas, Illinois, about 35 miles east of St. In one of the songs on Here for the Party, she sang of her desire to make "Pocahontas proud." She may have inherited some musical talent from her father, a musician, but he left the family soon after she was born.

Wilson was raised by her mother, living in a succession of rented mobile homes.

Often the pair stayed one step ahead of landlords trying to collect overdue rent payments.

"I thought everybody was redneck when I was a kid," Wilson told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"I thought everybody had a single mom who worked two jobs and had peanut butter and jelly three nights a week for supper." Wilson often looked after her younger brother, Josh, and she told the New York Daily News, there was "tension between me and my mom because we were so close in age. By about 12, I felt like the grownup in the house." Wilson's mother often worked as a bartender, and Wilson had to drop out of high school to join her at Big O's Tavern when she was 15. That might seem to be a rough situation for a 15-year-old girl, "but this was a tiny bar where everyone knows everyone and the whole family is there because there's nothing else to do in town," Wilson told the Daily News.

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