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on Tuesday and answered the question on everyone’s minds: are they dating?? A lot of people are saying that there is more than just chemistry there…

The fact that people feel invested in our partnership is truly remarkable.” *Cue shattering hearts around the world* Despite denying that they were more than just ice dancing partners and long-time friends (which we aren’t sure we buy, TBH), Moir talked about the time in their lives when the two were an item. Tessa was 7 [and I was] 9,” spilled 30-year-old Moir. I remember when we’re skating, we would just hold hands and avoid eye contact.” “In order to advance our partnership, we had to put the hot and heavy relationship on the side,” he joked.

“Which meant you had to break up with me,” Virtue quipped back.

“Yeah I broke up with Tessa, and none of my friends have let me live that down since,” Moir revealed. While it looks like Virtue and Moir’s relationship is platonic—for now, at least—there’s an undeniable closeness between the two.

Virtue told De Generes that they’ve worked hard on their partnership, and confirmed there’s a lot of trust between them.

“In those moments when the music ended in Pyeong Chang, I looked at Scott and was so grateful for the last 20 years by his side, and to share that moment together.” CAN YOU TWO JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY???

While both relationships were ill-fated (to say the least), Lady Bird could at least note a cute date or two in her diary.

As for Ronan, she simply can't do the dating thing — because she never quite figured out how.'s success is all but guaranteed to bring more amazing projects to the table.

However, don't expect Ronan to stay in front of the camera: The actress revealed that she's eager to try her hand at directing, after being inspired by Hmm, perhaps she can direct a film about a woman who feels incapable of dating, until an English musician sweeps her off of her feet?

We already know that Chris Martin is open to acting opportunities.

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