Who is charles michael davis dating

's Michael Che, model Damaris Lewis, and comedian John Oliver.

She apologized and said she already had plans for that night, and she walked up to Jason, who was waiting for her down the hall.

A disappointed Alex asked Stephanie who the guy was, and she told him that they nicknamed him Chest Peckwell and that Jo finally dared to ask him out, something she had wanted to do ever since she first saw him.

("Hard Bargain") They grew closer and discussed whether or not obstetricians-gynecologist could be considered surgeons. "You really pull it off though," she complimented him, after which she wanted to kiss him, but Alex interrupted by entering the elevator.

Jo introduced him to Jason, but Alex only cared about his patient.

Alex took the stairs instead of going up with them in the elevator.

At the end of the day, Alex interrupted Jo and Jason again at Joe's to apologize to Jo for the way he had been treating her.

He asked her if he could buy her a drink, but Jason made it clear that he wanted him to leave.

("Transplant Wasteland") One of Alex's patients was really attached to Jo, and when Jason entered the room to talk to his girlfriend, the kid popped out his IV, causing the fluid to spill on Jason's pants.

"Don't sweat it, little man," Jason friendly says, but the kid replied that he's 12 already, but that his growth got stunted by a lifetime of cancer. Behind his back, Alex and the kid made a deal to fool Jason.

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