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I have rewritten (if that's even a word) this letter several times already..... I saw on one of your episodes, you were talking about your father and lung cancer. I have maybe said a hand full of words about him sense then. I dreamt that he was standing in my room,leaning up against the wall, his face was all back to normal, and he was talking to me about how everything was ok. Years, and years went by, and I just kept it to myself....

My question is how do you get to that point where you can talk about it? When people bring him up, I change the subject, because I can't remember how he was before he got sick, I go blank, and get a flashback of him laying there dieing. Because of this, it has ruined some great relationships by not being able to open up about it.

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I remember you saying there was a 4 or 5 step process that people go through to grieve. But if you have a minute to even tell me that I need therapy that would be great. It has been sooo devastating that I feel lost in all of this..... I have very much been very angry at the world and mostly to the one who killed her in cold blood. She was such a loving person with such a forgiving heart and she tolerated the intolerable...was family oriented and made sure no one was left out when it came to the holidays.

I so strongly have the desire to want to bury him alive!! My heart hurts everyday for I miss her to pieces that this year I have nothing to celebrate for this year was a horrible year to experience such loss! I feel like I am carrying this burden of anger alone that I want to take the law into my own hands and finish him in a way that would satisfy the beast in me for what he did to my baby sister!

My nieces are with their father in Pueblo, Colorado and are not very happy with him or his side of the family. I have no kids, lived my life in this gay lifestyle....believed in protecting my baby sister as long as we were alive. How was I to know he would do such a horrible act of selfishness and greed cause he couldn't have his way!!

They want to be on their mother's side of the family cause they feel much more at home and in the presence of their mother all around them. I don't know why I am emailing you this I think I am looking for an escape in some kind of encouragement from someone or what is the best way to go about this.....??????

I have been so torn up by all this that it has been taking it's toll on me in such a way that no one knows how to reach me.... I am a big fan of yours and figured you would help me somehow with this.

Though they split up in De Buono and Bennett were quite a pair when they were together.

Just as Cumulus, owners of KABC, signed Mark Levin to a 5-year extension, KABC announces they are dropping Levin from their.

She enjoys endless debates about The L Word, Howard Stern, new techy gadgets, DVR, exploring the labyrinth of the Lesbian Jill bennett cathy debuono dating, memoirs, working out, sushi, making lists, artsy things, anything Lady Gaga touches, traveling, puppies, and nyc in the fall.

Though they split up in De Buono and Jill Bennett were quite a pair when they were together.

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