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The rate of decay of uranium 238 is a time-dependent reaction; therefore, the number of fission tracks in a crystal can be used to measure the time since the formation of the apatite grains.

This is the basis for apatite fission track analysis.

The continued existence of apatite fission tracks is temperature dependent.

At temperatures below , the length of the fission tracks in apatite crystals will decrease due to thermally induced “healing” of the crystal structure. The mean length of a fission track at the time of formation and up to .

Therefore, the length of apatite fission tracks can be used as a measure of the maximum temperature that a rock has been subjected to and provides information related to thermal history. The amount of information provided from fission track analysis can be significant and is very complementary to vitrinite data in portions of the geologic section that are lean in organic matter.

See Duddy et al for a general overview of the interpretation and application of apatite fission track data in petroleum exploration.The chemistry of apatite is variable and can be significant enough to have an effect on the rate of fission track annealing.One should consider this effect when interpreting apatite data.Also, one should make sure caved material has not contaminated a sample of drilling cuttings. One reading of fission track length is not enough to make a valid determination of the thermal history of a sample.Instead, many readings need to be made to achieve a high confidence level.A service company's report cites the fission track length as a mean of the total population of fission track lengths measured.

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