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Considering that multiplayer games have been so omnipresent, and online gaming has been around since the ’90s, it’s a bit baffling how scattershot Vo IP clients can be for gamers.

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The channels can be configured a number of ways, and set aside for specific purposes, such as announcements, contests, or music.

Also, Discord is designed to integrate with Twitch, and You Tube, meaning you can sometimes chat with streamers while they’re streaming, or interact with them in their off-hours.

There are a number of options exclusively for streamers, including options for partnered streamers that give privileges to their subscribers and integrating your bot – essential for some streamers – into the text channels.

In Discord, you join chat rooms laid out on the left panel in the server.

Each chat room can be restricted to a certain type of user.

Some can be for subscribers only, if you’re a partnered channel; some are for channel moderators, and some are invite-only.

Your in-room buttons are a simplified version of Skype’s layout.

You can mute your microphone, turn off sound altogether (which also mutes your microphone automatically), and exit the room.

You also have an indicator that lets you see how strong your connection, with the same “red-bar, yellow-bar, green-bar” color shorthand.

Two other features are in the works for the voice chat are video and screensharing options.

The endgame for Discord is apparently to supplant Skype and other gaming video chat options entirely.

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