When love really hurts dating violence curriculum

The purpose of this research was to contribute to existing efforts of battered women's advocates, schools, and researchers by developing a valid and reliable inventory to evaluate educational interventions regarding violence in relationships.Content validity was established by national expertssolicited to complete an inventory rating scale and comment on the statements' ability to elicit early adolescents' knowledge and attitudes about violence in relation-ships.

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Knowledge and attitude sections were measured for internal con- sistency with Cronbach's alpha, with respective values of .3178 and .7207.

Item analyses with Wilcoxon Rank Sum tests identified 11 knowledge statements and one attitude statement as significantly discriminating at both test and retest.

Gender differences were noted and additional findings were reported.

How do I set boundaries in a relationship and what happens if my partner crosses one of my boundaries?

How do I help a friend who is experiencing abuse or is abusing their partner?

The curriculum also asks students to examine traditional gender stereotypes and the role they may play in perpetuating teen dating violence.This program is offered to students in grades 7 through 12.At the middle school level, this program introduces students to appropriate behaviors in a dating relationship, the differences between flirting and sexual harassment, and the importance of learning to set boundaries.We must have these conversations early, as a means to dispel many pervasive myths about love, and to establish a new norm for what a healthy relationship is.The program guides students to answer the following questions: What is a healthy relationship, and what are the red flags that a relationship may be abusive?What is important to me in a dating relationship and what do I deserve?

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