dating people with problems - When dating someone whos separated

It’s slim pickings where I live when it comes to finding quality men, so I decided to revisit my Tinder account recently.

I should have known better because I tell people all the time that Tinder isn’t a place to look for love.

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I remember thinking sheesh, this guy wastes no time.

So date night rolls around and we go to a nice restaurant to talk and get to know each other more.

After some thought-provoking conversation, I came to the conclusion that maybe I found something worth pursuing in my hopeless city.

We start talking about mutual friends we had in common on Facebook and our childhood.

We talked about our careers and there was a lot of laughs.

In the car on the way back I jokingly asked him if he was going to ask our mutual friends for the 411 scoop on me and he said no because everyone isn’t aware of He revealed to me that he was currently separated from his wife of almost 10 years. ” My mouth, on the other hand said, “I understand, that’s a tough situation to be in.” I’m not quite sure why I blurted that out, but afterward, the phone calls continued, the text messages kept coming in and so did the date suggestions.

Before I could do the calculations in my head, he explained that he had married too young, in his early twenties, and not only did he have a wife he was separated from, but two sons. He followed that bomb with “I hope you’re okay with all of this? I tried to be a team player, but then reality set in.

Although I didn’t get dragged into the drama, I often had to hear about and see how all of it affected him.

His venting and rambling about something she did or said.

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