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Are Capricornians and Virgos Suitable For Each Other?If there ever was a heavenly couple, it was the Capricorn-Virgo one!

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You will even have to make a pact so you don't forget the pleasures of intimacy. Don't set yourself a trap: the native Virgo can be the sexiest person on Earth! The force of a Capricorn-Virgo relationship lies in the capacity of projecting the future and carrying through your projects.

Your Virgo has excellent communication abilities and (s)he also knows the body language. Because you are Earth signs, you have the same goals, the same motivation, satisfactions and dissatisfactions.

Safety, which is so important to any Capricorn, is granted if you have a Virgin next to you!

The Virgo man feels attracted to the Capricorn woman, but the fire of passion will not burn for long.

For the Capricorn woman, the Virgo man comes second, after other preoccupations, and for this reason there can appear misunderstandings.

From other perspectives, the Virgo man and the Capricorn woman are compatible.

Both of them are pragmatic, temperate, economical and they like using their minds.

An exclusively erotic relationship between the Virgo man and the Capricorn woman risks becoming boring, but a marriage can prove to be lasting and harmonious.

Capricorns are a great sign to date because Goats are dependable and reliable, ambitious and patient, and most of all committed.

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