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20 years ago today, radio DJ’s Opie & Anthony were fired from WAAF for an April Fool’s prank involving Boston Mayor Tom Menino.“It wasn’t the best thing to do,” they told WBZ’s David Robichaud that night.Sunday's loss to the Panthers gave the Bruins some hard lessons for what they’re going to have to do in the playoffs to make sure they don’t continue to replicate their performances of the past week and a half.

But James Drummond, 50, of Redding, California, was riding down Mount Shasta Ski Park when he crashed and became buried upside down in 6ft of snow.

The video shows how he spent almost 30 minutes trying to reach his mobile before he found it and got a message to the ski patrol that he was in trouble.

But he later lost his balance and fell head first into a ‘tree well’, which is a pocket of snow at the bottom of a tree.

He panicked as he scrambled to find the phone over a half-hour period, but when he eventually discovered it his wife phoned and he screamed at her to help him.

‘By the time I got down, my fingers felt like they were (very) fat.

I was positive I was going to die.‘Call the ski patrol,’ he said to her.

‘I’m stuck in a tree well.’ She was sceptical and said: ‘Are you serious’, but called the patrol who came to rescue him in 30 minutes.‘It wasn’t just that I knew the mountain,’ he said. I heard snow rumbling and someone said: “I found him”.

‘It's hard to watch and it's a little embarrassing too. I'm sharing something I don't like to share but I want to.’When he crashed he was instantly reminded of a snowboarder who died at Mount Shasta in February, but Mr Drummond survived the crash without any damage.

He is already back on the slopes at the park he has visited for the last 25 years, but said he hopes his experience can benefit others and encourage them to ride safely.

Shelter Stone- The Artist and The Mountain This is a great project, where if you are walking in the mountains of the UK, Iceland or the Alps and you stay in a mountain bothy, you might just come across this publication in a polythene bag, to pique your interest during the long dark night.

Interalia Centre @Interalia Centre Apr 25 ‘LAND: Context, Material, Site and process’ – the excellent #art #sculpture of @Chrisdrudrury in latest issue…

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