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, the image of its host, Erik von Markovik, is no doubt burned into your brain.

The infamous PUA, who is more commonly known by the stage name Mystery, was instantly recognized by his piercing eyes, his wild hat choices and goggles.

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Perhaps his most famous accomplishment was inventing the much-reviled practice of “negging,” in which you say something slightly insulting to a woman to lower her self-esteem and make her more likely to accept your advances. i step out into the living and my paralyzed brother is lying in his cot watch tv. and i log my feelings when they are extreme (which calms me as i sit in paralysis interfacing my fingers to a sleek bluetooth keyboard. But moving on, later that night he issued his final missive (for now, at least). The once mighty may have fallen hard, but there is some hope in these dark times—he still has his gift for giving terrible advice.

In his book, he upset legions of people by doing things like comparing women to cats (you have to play hard to get to keep their attention) and repeatedly asserting that it doesn’t mean anything when woman says no to your advances. i want to get out without thought because i can’t have clear thoughts here. A man sympathetic to his plight commented on Mystery’s most recent post, complaining that the grandmother of his children was keeping him from getting custody of them.

(If he is to be believed, she’s just putting up what he calls her “anti-slut defense,” which can be easily overcome.) Understandably, he—and the rest of the seduction community—have made many enemies by presenting women as sex puzzles who can be solved like Rubik’s cubes.

While there was an intense flurry of popular interest in Mystery and his fellow “artists,” it eventually faded, and Mystery had been keeping a low profile of late. Perhaps his cupboards have run dry of the large amounts of Combos and Monster Energy Drink that it takes to fuel such a massive ego.

He hasn’t tweeted since July, and his Facebook page had been eerily silent for quite some time. We never have an answer, but an hour after posting the somewhat cry for help he elaborated in the comments, saying, “so I had taken a nap.

Until Sunday, that is, when he posted this rather cryptic update.

, two VH1 reality TV shows that featured accused killer Ryan Jenkins as a contestant, have been cancelled, PEOPLE confirms.

The news comes a day after Jenkins, 32, was found dead in a Canadian hotel room.

Authorities in Orange County, Calif., charged him Aug.

20 with Jasmine Fiore’s murder, five days after her mutilated body was found in a suitcase in a trash bin.

The production company behind , 51 Minds, says it was “not aware” of Jenkins’s record when he was cast on the shows, even though the company ran background checks on all the contestants.

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