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Transaction 2 - Insert Into Detail (ID, Deleted_Master_ID) Detail Trigger - Select From Master Where ID=new.

(if (new.field is null) then new.field=gen_id(genname, 1)).

| | | Multi Arc | Far2wc | | | | | Windows Power Pro Ultra TC Editors Total Commander: 1. The Executable (TCMetadata Viewer.exe), source code (TCMetadata Viewer.au3) and a (almost finished, but slightly out-dated) Read Me file (poor english) are included Note: Version 2.0 of TCMetadata Viewer isn't a final release but rather a snapshot build. Note: Image is from old version v1.2F4Menu pops up a context menu upon pressing F4, the user then chooses an appropriate editor for the selected file. Fav Menu is Windows OS enhancer and application launcher.

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When the name or the path of the focussed file changes (e.g. Checkbox: &Use as additional Checkbox: &Always use this program to open this filetype Also the Button O&K has been changed to &OK.

TCMetadata Viewer shows the metadata and a preview image for the file, which is focussed in TC in the opposite file panel. In this patched version this annoyance has been fixed by stripping the & from the following strings: Button: &other program...

When TC's main window is moved or the file panel with the pseudo quickview is resized, TCMetadata Viewer's window will readjusted automatically. Windows (Windows Shell) "View64" "" Windows (Windows Explorer). The original Choice (included and renamed to Choice orig) includes some hardcoded accelerator shortcuts which make it impossible to use A, O and U as standard hotkeys throughout the program.

It opens a borderless window, which fits into and overlays one of both file panels. : 1) HTML; 2) Microsoft Word Excel, , XML (Word ML); 3) RTF (Rich Text Format); 4) XML- ( ).

TCMetadata Viewer trys to simulate / to act like a lister plugin's quickview. Windows ME, Windows XP Total Commander 6.x, 7.x4 Gb) ( ); 4) NTFS; 5) (clipboard); 6) ; 7) "" .

TCMetadata is a compiled version of the Auto It3 script TCMetadata Viewer.au3. TCMetadata is a standalone executable and doesn't need an installed Auto It3. Target panel: shows the target path for operations like Copy, Move, Unpack etc... : P c , CH4"OK / " : /all Wcx_/set Wcx_/reg TC Wcx_/ini Total Commander, Total Commander .

LIMITATIONS: The program is fully functional in 32bit as only support of 32bit wdx is done. Suggestions and feature requests are also very welcomed. In order to provide previews on more file types, TCMetadata Viewer optionally (configurable) uses the external tool Irfan View, NConvert or Image Magick for generating preview images. Source panel: shows all file operations happened within the selected date.

-e option allow you to edit in notepad the created batch in order to complete / modify before execution. Official Forum topic: click here Please report all the bugs and "Unknown." entries in your list (Ctrl Shift C to copy their data to clipboard). TCMetadata Viewer itself supports only BMP, JPG and (not-animated) GIF files. Total Commander Application Version: 7.50a MSI Package Revision: 00 Upload TC Log Viewer opens Total Commander logging file and show its contents in the following three parts: Dropdown list: shows all dates in the log file.

C) Why a bat/cmd file is used : - you can use all system command (echo, ren, copy, move, .... You can either use only the command line or an ini file where you can store your "script template" with much more feature ! total commander Autorun : Shell Exec "%COMMANDER_PATH%\Utilites\Wide Active Panel TC\Wide Active Panel TC.exe" ini: active = 1 1 , 0 . A simple guide to correctly fill a new User DB entry: Click here for the image (you simply need to find a plugin's web ID on using Search). Additionally, TCMetadata Viewer shows a preview on image files. If you have any suggestions what plugins you might want to have added as a feature to the MSI setup let me know.

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