Updating resume with promotions

Hands up if you only dust off your CV once a job deadline is looming?In a rush to get the CV posted off, it’s tempting just to shoehorn in your last job at the top and hope for the best.

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Updating resume with promotions Sexichats

Refreshing your CV on a regular basis allows you to: 1.

Update your Current Role If you have taken on a new role since the last CV update, include a section reflecting the responsibilities of the role and your achievements to date.

If you are still in the same role, add in some new bullet points to reflect recent activities.

You can use your performance appraisal and CPD records to jog your memory.

Find CV templates Create a separate section for each role or project with the same employer as if these were separate jobs.

Note where a move was due to a promotion or increased responsibilities.Even if you have held the same job title for years, you can always create a new section detailing recent projects and achievements. Draft a New Profile Update your Profile at the top of the CV to reflect your recent track record and the kinds of roles you are now targeting.See our article on how to write your personal profile . Tailor to your Career Aspirations Your ideas on your next career move may have changed since you last updated your CV.Make sure your CV is well targeted in terms of: Content Select the most relevant achievements to mention in each job and decide which sections to include (e.g.a researcher moving into administration might cut out the section on research publications).Emphasis Consider the order of information and the length of each section.

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