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If you run a Python 3.4 you need to install Visual C Build Tools 2015 first.

It is recommended to use Python 3.5 or later on Windows, so no C compiler needs to be installed.

Secondly, the internet connection speed matters, because Cate will frequently have to download data from remote services in order to cache it locally.

includes a Python runtime environment, bundled with the Cate Python package.

The latter provides the Cate command-line interface (CLI) and Cate Python API.

The installers for the supported platforms are: The Cate Core installers are currently customized Anaconda installers.

In the following, we provide some notes regarding its usage on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems.

Windows Installer When you run the installer on Windows, make sure you un-check Add Anaconda to my PATH environment variable.Otherwise the Anaconda Python distribution used by the Cate would become your system’s default Python. After successful installation a link to “Cate CLI” will be created on a Linux desktop (if any) aor as a Startmenu entry on Windows.The actual Cate CLI executables The Cate Core installers are pretty large files because they include a complete Python 3 environment bundled with various “heavy” Python packages such as numpy, pandas, matplotlib, gdal, etc.When you install a Cate Core software update using the installer, you can not use the same target directory again, because the installer requires it to be non-existing or empty.So you either have to choose a different target directory, or you uninstall the previous version first, or you simply remove all contained files in the old Cate’s graphical user interface and depends on Cate Core.

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