Updating a slow computer

ZSKSoft Synchronizer (abbreviated as ZSync) is a multi-purpose folder synchronization program.

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Imagine you have edited a file on your laptop computer and then, having forgotten to synchronize, added more changes to the same file on your desktop computer.

ZSync will make sure none of your work gets lost; it will detect the conflict, highlight the file in red, and will not synchronize until you take the required steps to resolve the version conflict.

A particular attention is to be paid to the ease and convenience of operation.

Having started the program, you will instantly see what has changed, how serious that is, whether or not there are any conflicts or suspicious changes, and what is going to be done.

Everything is intuitively clear: the files and folders state is marked with easily recognizable icons, gravity levels are highlighted in color, and right where the program is planning on taking some actions, it places the corresponding action buttons.

To exclude files and subfolders that shouldn't be synchronized, just drag them, to the "off" category with your mouse.The special explanation pane provides detailed description of any file or subfolder: what it was like before, what it is like now, what seems to be suspicious, etc. ZSKSoft Synchronizer allows you to compare and synchronize regular folders (local and network), ZIP-archives, FTP folders, and remote folders (located on a remote computer with no direct connection to it; the only communication way is through diskettes, e-mail, flash memory, etc.) You can synchronize two, three, four or just about any number of points (locations) at the same time.Files and folders can be arranged into categories by name (i.e.by specifying a certain file or folder name), by file type (*.txt, *.doc, *.bmp, etc.), and by name patterns.The changes flows are configured individually: which files and folders and in which directions are to be synchronized (these are my files, and they must be copied from my computer to the public folder; these are my colleagues' ones, and they must be copied the other way around - to my computer) or aren't to be synchronized at all (temporary files, object modules, etc.) It's amazing how clear and convenient the user interface is!An entire project or its individual parts, even individual files can be synchronized at once.

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