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They are given tablets beside their side of the bed with the words 'yes or no' and they must make their decision - which will then be revealed to their bedmate via the giant screen, leading to either true love or crushing rejection.

There are many ways to analyze your dating life: personality compatibility tests, astrology, self-help books, etc, but not many people realize that your underwear also gives clues to how you are as a significant other too.

If you feel that the romance department has been a little lackluster lately or if you just want to add an extra ‘oompfh’ when you’re out on the prowl, read on to make sure your undies are in line with your game.

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Plus, it’s more than likely that you take pride in your body and work out every chance you get-after all, nothing flatters a nice butt better than an equally nice thong!

Boxers: Your dating life is more laid-back and apt to be traditional.

You prefer to be comfortable in all aspects of your life: from your underwear to dating, you prefer to feel at ease, which in turn makes your potential partner feel much more comfortable around you.

You also prefer to have your dating life be relaxed and drama-free as well.

Bikinis: While you may not be as flirtatious as those who wear thongs, if bikinis are your underwear of choice, you have a sassy approach to dating as well as a sense of fun.

You may seem quiet at first, but once you get to know your date, they’ll be cracking up at your quips and grinning at your cute and flirty remarks!

Commando: If you prefer to go commando, that says to a potential partner or hook-up that you’re free-spirited, adventurous, and comfortable in your own skin.

It also means that because you’re so comfortable with your own body, that you exclude a confidence that makes you simply irresistible too!

Briefs: Your underwear is practical, and that leads to a no-nonsense approach to dating.

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