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DATE: Victorian, c.1860 An unusual antique Bavarian Charivari hunting trophy, dating to the mid-Victorian period.

It's modelled in 15k gold, with a fringe of oak leaves that give way to two elk teeth Charivari (pronounced "schariwari") comes from the Latin , which translates as "madness" or "pandemonium"; these talismans were worn by hunters to bring good fortune - and later as status symbols.

A somewhat unusual example mounted in gold, as they were more commonly fashioned from silver.

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Sure, the Platinum can be achieved in less then 15 minutes, but why not have some fun on your own before? Also, this guide is heavily text-orientated, so you can do everything in your own pace and don't have to pause videos all the time. You use your Dating-App on the phone to go on dates and try to score on them with your conversational skills.

Every time you complete a date, you will get a ranking in stars corresponding to your performance: All your stars are cumulative and will help you to unlock new dates.

So if you fail the first date 20 times, you will have 20 stars in total and are eligible to date all persons.

The rewards for finishing a date with two or three stars are "massagy's", which are controller-vibration-patterns of different intensity.

Those can be revisited at any time from your apartment, when clicking the red heart on the top right of the screen.

This will open a contact-list with all unlocked patterns.

Credit to Intelligence on Steam for providing this three-star-walkthrough for the base game, which was incredibly helpful to me. Once you have dated or rejected all of them, you will start with the first person again.

If you are into video guides, you might want to check out videos by PS4Trophies or IBad Driver I. Rejecting a Date on Linger is literally the easiest thing you can do and there are three ways to do so:. It should be noted, that receiving three stars on a date does not count towards your two-star-date-count.

You have to actually gain two stars in the dates themselves.

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