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Su Gologone – Tiscali After reaching and visiting the well-known source, you go up the road at the mountain’s lower slopes.

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The route joining the coal merchants’ path, among the oak wood leads to the top of the homonymous mount.

The easily accessible route, also called Orchid Way, passes through the uncontaminated Doloverre gorge and the Oddoene valley, one of the most luxuriant and richest in flora and fauna areas of the Dorgali territory.

San Francisco, USA and Cagliari, Italy – April 26th 2011 -Tiscali, one of Italy’s leading independent telecommunication companies, has now gone live with a Storage as a Service offering based on Scality RING.

The “Tiscali Cloud Storage” service, which can be found at comes with a competitive pricing scheme and extreme reliability.

Companies can open an account for an initial 100GB for a promotional 15 Ç/month, including 50 GB of traffic in and 50 TB of traffic out, and no transaction fees.

After the first 100GB of data, the service is completely pay-per-use (per GB/month) as data grows.

Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality, said, “Tiscali was one of the trendsetters who were early in committing to our patented organic storage technology, Scality RING, as the backend platform for their customers.” “Tiscali chose Scality for its innovative approach, performance and reliability,” said Salvatore Pulvirenti, CIO, Tiscali.

“Thanks to Scality’s cutting-edge RING storage technology, at Tiscali we already launched a cloud storage service for our customers, complete with personalised clients and web browsers.

Hidden and unexpected, the nuragic village is developed inside a valley on the edge of the Supramonte of Dorgali, on the border between the Valley of Flumeneddu and Lanaitto.

Dating back to the early nuragic age, it held forty ancient huts, mostly circular, some rectangular, combined into two areas against the walls of the mountain.

The route to this enchanting site starts at either end of the valley and the trail is a walk through nature, time, and emotion.

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