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This family-oriented resort is the only indoor water park in Southern California. A large stone fireplace and chandeliers made from antlers are part of the outdoor-inspired décor found throughout the property. my 3 yr old kept pulling his off cause I couldn't have it on tight, he lost his but I just didn't take him back in the pool area cause I didn't want to pay 50 bucks."Wolf dens" are sleeping rooms that offer bunk beds, perfect for kids. I already spent 00 there and to spend an xtra 50 over a 3 yr old was not worth it. The food at the grill restaurant was yummy The service and staff was excellent . My biggest complaint was some of the staff gave diff answers than the others or was not the most customer service braclet rule when you lose it was too expensive and I didn't agree w it.

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This place was VERY expensive so I expected them to be a little nicer and they just weren’t.

Breakfast was great , The check in was excellent and very costumer service wise, as well the valet guys.

The chlorine at the pool was so hard for me and the kids we had to leave after few hours The staff at the Dunkin’ Donuts wasn’t that great . I had to go aur 15 min for almond milk at the breakfast buffet.

The only thing I think could be improved is when story time is going on it is kinda hard to hear because it’s right by lobby where people are visiting and walking around. Others seemed to be robots, no personality, no customer service skills.

Maybe a wall that could close and open when needed. They do make spending money easy, by allowing you the opportunity to purchase and charge items to your wristband, but trust me it will add up quick.

Very pricey for what it is, place was dated I was expecting a lot more for the money.

Slides and water park seemed dated for what they charge along with the rooms, rooms way overpriced for what they are.

Also you don’t even get close to 24hrs stay with your room.

At check in, your room won’t be ready until 4 pm and you must check out by 11 am, not relaxing. I can’t believe it, I would prefer little Cesar’s pizza any day over this, which is very sad to say!! Same with the adult drinks, they should be fair prices for us to enjoy the experience much more! This place is fun for kids and has most all the things you need to stay in and enjoy, but for parents and the adults just another over priced theme park waiting to rip you off every chance they get.

I will not, because I can not refer this place to friends and family. The three wrong charges on bill which took the majority of my time on property to deal with the billing and room troubles.

This was my first experience at this facility, I would say maybe they upgrade the food choices, also the opening and closing times. It would be more convenient having lockers in the dressing room rather than having to walk with our bags to put away in a locker.

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