Tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer elucidating mechanisms Melayu webcam sexchat

Farzana is currently doing a BMed Sci in the area of breast cancer research.

She hopes to one day be an oncologist and clinician-scientist, and is looking forward to her final year of medical school in 2016.

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As the first targeted therapy for breast cancer, tamoxifen remains the gold standard of adjuvant endocrine therapy.

However, this important drug has its limitations: its efficacy is frequently hampered by the phenomenon of tamoxifen resistance.

This article provides an overview of ER breast cancer biology relevant to understanding the complexities of tamoxifen resistance.

The principal aim is to review the current literature on the mechanisms underpinning tamoxifen resistance and emerging strategies to overcome this challenge, with a focus on those with the greatest translational potential.

Numerous molecular mechanisms of tamoxifen resistance have been proposed and investigated.

Well-studied, clinically relevant mechanisms include growth factor receptor signalling, kinase pathway aberrations, cell-cycle dysregulation and epigenetic involvement.

Other areas of relevance include the development of new generation SERMs and preclinical studies with novel agents.

There is also increasing research into the roles of ER coregulator proteins and cancer stem cells.

Altogether, these areas of interest represent promising opportunities in overcoming the challenge of tamoxifen resistance and ameliorating current breast cancer therapies.

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