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Total Market Size = (Total Local Production Total Imports) – (Total Exports)Data Sources: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Department of Trade, Tajik Customs Service, January 2015 Total Local Production: USD 632 million Total Exports: USD 2.0 million Total Imports: USD 275 million Imports from U.S.: USD 8.0 million In 2014 Tajikistan’s agricultural sector produced nearly USD 4 billion worth of goods, comprising 23.5 percent of the country’s GDP.

Tajikistan has the potential to develop its agriculture and agro-processing sectors due to its comparative advantages including soil, water and weather conditions.

Roughly 70 percent of the population lives in rural areas, and the availability of inexpensive field labor exceeds demand, even for labor-intensive crops.

The majority of small farmers lack access to farm machinery and, although some machinery service providers (MSPs) exist, their equipment is often old and outdated.

Farmers compete for machinery at planting and harvest time, limiting their ability to realize full production potential.

Expanding existing MSPs and developing new ones will help to overcome this production bottleneck.

Agribusiness value-added chains in Tajikistan are fragmented and disjointed due to low levels of farm production and a lack of raw materials for processors.

Farmers often have difficulty obtaining seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Farmers are often unfamiliar with modern business management practices.

Post-harvest losses are significant due to antiquated or non-existent transportation equipment and a lack of climate-controlled storage facilities.

The majority of domestically harvested food is consumed through the fresh market, leaving food processing plants to operate at a fraction of their capacity.

Quality control, certification, marketing, packaging, and branding of Tajik products is weak.

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