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If Jessica Walsh’s work/Jessica Walsh herself wasn’t a regular topic of conversation between you and your design-obsessed/general friends, take a second to acknowledge that life as you know is about to change (for the better).

Aside from penning Forty Days of Dating (the social experiment/type-enthusiasts’ dream that went viral last year), this multidisciplinary designer and art director has been making waves in the design industry – 2012 being the game-changing year in which the legendary Stefan Sagmeister (whose award-winning work appeared in every textbook I bought during my 4-year post secondary studies in graphic design, FYI) announced that he would be renaming his design firm, Sagmeister Inc., to Sagmeister & Walsh; deeming Jessica, then 25, as his business partner.

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Creating aesthetically pleasing things and conceptualizing effective ideas is key, yes, but the biggest battle is “selling your work to the client and staying persistent through production” – and that drive and persistency is truly an integral part of what makes Jessica so successful.

Well…that, and maybe the techno & house music she listens while she works to keep her focused.

#dulynoted Our design studio, Sagmeister & Walsh works on a wide range of design from branding, commercials, advertising, book design, illustrations, products, packaging, to installations and exhibitions.

I am interested in creating emotion and concept driven work with beautiful form.

I always try to approach the process in a playful way with a sense of humor.

I want people who view my work to experience or feel something: whether it makes them think, brings them joy, or inspires.

I went to RISD, and the first year I was required to do a “foundation year” focused on fine arts.

Getting off the computer and experimenting with various materials was one of the most valuable things I took from my education.

Another thing I took from my time at RISD was the value of creative collaborations.

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