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The origin of Cincinnati dates back to 1788 and earns the nicknames, �The Queen City� and the �Chili Capital of America�.

More chili restaurants per capita exist in Cincinnati than any other location in the entire world.

In addition to a mix of ingredients that set Cincinnati chili apart from Tex Mex chili, expect your Cincinnati chili served over spaghetti.

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Cincinnati hosts some of the most successful chefs and over-the-top restaurants.

Pizza, chili, barbecue ribs, and grilled cheese sandwiches are foods that make visitors flock to Cincinnati from across the country.

The Ohio River played an important part in Cincinnati�s economic, political, and social development.

The city earned the position as the Chief port for the river.

The river allowed residents to ship products to the Eastern part of America.

Proud residents decided to nickname their city the Queen.

Cincinnati, Ohio serves as home to some of the most famous people in history.

Famous faces born in Cincinnati include Steven Spielberg, Doris Day, and President William Howard Taft.

Cincinnati hosts some of the most popular sports teams.

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