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Phil Clothier, a participant from our ALIVE Linked In discussion with the Barrett Values Centre, kindly shared the following.

If anyone does translations in other languages, please let us know so that we can continue to share.” Thank you, Phil and the Barrett Values Centre. Story One: Not Working for an Escort Agency Anymore Every Monday, Dipty noted that one of her students, a thirteen year old girl, was either absent from school or, if she attended, she was extremely fatigued.

After a time, ‘Mary” admitted to her teacher that her Monday absences were due to the fact that she had to earn a living for her family, working weekends in an Escort Agency.

Although the girl was despairing, she felt this was the only way she could help her family.

Her mother reinforced ‘Mary’s’ viewpoint by encouraging her in this lifestyle.

The teacher approached this situation free of judgment, recognizing that this child had more to offer.

She began to change ‘Mary’s’ focus by giving her a new sense of responsibility.

‘Mary’ already had a strongly developed sense of family responsibility which Dipty used to begin dialoguing with her about other forms of responsibility (such as to the self), and to ask for her help in translating the Living Values materials into the local language. Over time she realized she could still care for and be responsible for her family without having to sell herself to generate an income.

Through the Living Values Program, ‘Mary’ received the power to say no.

Currently, she’s a successful Grade 12 student, working part-time for a reputable company as well as continuing to assist Dipty at a level that is very real, sharing her inspiring story with other girls.

When asked, “What have you experienced with this journey?

” Mary replied, “I feel that my dignity has been restored.” Story Two: From Hijacking Cars to Being a LVE Peer Educator ‘Jeff’ was a sixteen year old student who also was frequently absent on Mondays, a day he generally devoted to his favourite pastime when bored, hijacking cars.

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