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And now he has been appointed as deputy chairman of the board of Poland's state-run public television.

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Among them is the leader of the right-wing League of Polish Families, Roman Giertych, who is also Poland's deputy prime minister and education minister in the country's new government. "You can say he's 28 years old and responsible for his actions when he was 16. I was a snotty-nosed kid, who let his name be used.

So, I ask again, where are the limits to absurdity? But the question is whether it was really just youthful ignorance.

People are wondering if that is a suitable explanation for articles such as "Why be a Skinhead," which appeared with his byline in the April 1995 issue of Fro n t magazine.

"We do not accept cowards, collaborators or Jews," he wrote in the article. " In other European countries, the author of such diatribes would find himself investigated by state prosecutors and security services.

In Poland, he gets appointed to a top post on state television, said Marcin Kornak, a civil rights activist.

"Sixty years ago, people with these kinds of views murdered seven million people in our country," he said."This person, therefore, has no right whatsoever to hold such an important post in this society as deputy chairman of Polish television." Growi n g rightwi n g se n time n t i n Pola n d Recently, the European Parliament in Strasbourg passed a resolution condemning the growing signs of racism and anti-Semitism in Poland and elsewhere.The accusations were vehemently denied by Poland's new governing coalition of populist and nationalist conservatives, The Law and Justice Party and the League of Polish Families, who are themselves often viewed as xenophobic and ultraconservative.President Lech Kaczynski, elected last fall, strongly opposes abortion and gay marriage. The chairman of the culture committee in the Polish parliament, Pawel Kowal, has left no doubt that he will put Farfal's appointment on the agenda of Polish television's supervisory board and the country's national media council.After the victory of the National Conservatives in last year's elections, right-wing extremist groupings in Poland are gaining influence -- as illustrated by a recent attack on a gay and lesbian demonstration.(March 4, 2006) Several thousand people staged an international rally in Warsaw on Saturday in support of gays in Poland who complain of prejudice, hostility and violence in the overwhelmingly Catholic country. Now, as 2017 comes to a close, anger has given away to a sense of fatigue.

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