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There are heaps of clues in this charming old picture of two children admiring their Christmas tree. They include: Keep reading for a little more about each clue. Woolworth‘s led the American market by first selling glass ornaments made in Germany and later, ones made in the United States.

Clothing Bobbed hairstyles for girls became popular about 1915 and remained in style throughout the estimated time frame for this picture.

Dropped-waist dresses for little girls debuted at about the same time, but this outfit has a scalloped hemline. Vintage Train Set A whole village with “snow”-frosted foliage rests under this tree.

It’s an electric train set with real street lights.

It could belong to the children’s father or be a gift for the Christmas shown. Household Decor Similar household decorations could be found in the Sears Catalog, which is digitized on

If you have a toy train collector in your family, show him or her this photo and let’s see if they can date the era of this set. (I’ll look there for the train, too.) Dating photos based household items is difficult, because families would keep themse items for years. Count The Clues in Your Own Images This image is a good example of how to break a picture down into clues.

The rug in this house is well-worn with a big spot near the train track, so the curtains and carpet also could be several years old. Establishing the dates for specific clues will not only help you verify the time frame for a picture, it’ll also help you tell a holiday tale.Dana White may be Ronda Rousey’s boss in the public eye, but Invicta fighter Jessica Philippus isn’t so sure the same holds true behind closed doors.During an appearance on MMA Die Hards Radio, Philippus talked about fighters who could potentially dethrone UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey. Personally, I think they’re dating or something, like it’s just weird. I just think that Ronda’s his baby because that was the chance he took.The usual suspects, Sara Mc Mann and Miesha Tate, were discussed in-depth, but things got interesting when Invicta women’s featherweight champ Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos’ name was brought up: I honestly don’t think you’ll ever see Cyborg versus Ronda, mostly because Dana loves Ronda. I think that, not necessarily Dana, but I think that the UFC is going to try to protect that and build that up as long as possible.It’s no surprise the UFC hasn’t been knocking down the door for a catch weight bout between Cyborg and Rousey.There simply isn’t enough talent at 145 pounds to adopt Cyborg’s services along with the entire women’s featherweight division.

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