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Ti HURSOAYr APRl L 22,1976 Bosttm boiiib hiirt s scor€f BOSTON (UPI) - A bomb explosion today Tipped the second floor of the, Suffolk County Courtliouac minutes after na anonym^B enller .warned itiai a tt)nit) would gooff. 'Powers, a court cleric and former state Senate president, said courthouse operator June O'Connor received a call at B:53 a.m.- from - ' (ained in. DIGroz Io said tlic desc Hpllo n possible other explosive devices. who was standing o few feet n youn g girhwho told her: "A bomb Is tjoins to . explosion had no apparent connection with' the city's continuing racial prot Icms. He's the etli^ overdue and wos'"o WW««fltf Tm Janirmffi r h ef i t h ey s eparatedtn pu^ies 300 pounds. , "We hqyont gol any clothes to fit htm Uial wc got al ourliaby shower."'Holston said with a grin. "l^U I know Is this bomb went off .and-whcn, I-tun K(t,arou Rd JI]pre^wcrc bodies — " "tffr'V^" " At ^ least 19. ISralor V granite bulldliia as they scarched for CL'' John- E. "You've left something on the floor." Wlicn the vicllm """goi Sfriirarmlnutcsand thir Js-far TOii ^"- Tlie caller referred to Uw cose of Anthony Jackson, charged with murdering two Boston area coeds Hehod p RKed up hitchhiiting, ■Boston Police Commissioner Robert dl Grozia said police have a descrlpllon'of a male suspect who is believed to have placed the bomb, con- hoard ttic poeka Rc licki ng , lie ran but w as —unable lo escape r- The a.m. The explosion occurred Just as bomb sg Uad experts pulled up to the downtown Beacon Hill building -arid , a seaiich had begun on the fourth floor by court officer. ' The building provides a convenient passageway between two bu^ sections o( the -downtown area , '* " ■ ' ■ * : lines of pickets .

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-St-Affrlca-balts Rhoilefila-arni H-aid - LONDON (UPI) - South Africa has decided to end all m Uitary aid to Rhodesia's white minority regimi fighting a ' growing giienilla threat from black nationalists, The Times of Londonreportied today;,' '' ' It bu i u P ret o rl ii mum u Uutimt Hnwi l y hut miiiiui am\ mm Bjr Vn Ucd Press Intematkoal ' Doctors, Jiurses, rubber workers and brewery woritere'walked picket lines today in a crippling. Sfac aiteata-led Goodrich to seek d court hi- iunc Uon limiting picketing at Its Akron. three Ca Ulbmia medical schools lho( a strike -•"could-wstnbem- theh-certf flcatloit-ln-thelr specialities. FALLS - Jeremiah James Holslon Isn't as blgns his daddy — yet.

The hospitals,- County-USC^Mcdlcal Center, Harbor General Hospllnll and Martin Lu IIier King Hosp Ual. programs and began screening patients fdr gariy relea se. Ciearins fi^musements, 6 Form, 21 , U iijaiio^ i •m — Living, 1 1- 1 3 ^" Markets.

The striking' floctbn aald'Uiiey''wbuld~.baiid Rr&nly' that i Wither troops W equipment wl U ag^^ "'"'South Afflcanbordwr.*;'"" " T" ~ ' ■ 7 . Breihnevr S^yearoid-Commimisl- party general- ■ appcarwl at a Kremlin rally markl ng Jhe Joe Uijiinlycr Mryj)!

' ..' s Uesweie 'Jqime tar itpo^ ind )t.«ppel army garrison commander, came after a rocket attack shattcreiffb cargo plane at Belrutdlrport.

.j "A Brexhnev reappears, looks fit MOSCOW (UPI) - Soviet leader Leonid I.' pearod In the public eye today for the first time In 46 days.

' '■ ; -But a CIA spokesman said Walters, who v Hll ' be GO bi Jonuaty, had asked to be retired from (he Army a month ago. 0i weapons and environmental Nixon or Watergate and his leaving the CIA do warfare- but. Hehasbeen.adlstbigulshcd agoonprohlbittngallnuclcartests. Army officer for Uie past 35 years and served At Its 7D4th meeting since th(i:flrst session Ibreeprcaldcnlsdlrcc Uyosaptaterpretcr.

the administration wants) to have a person who had »^Mtloss career record, such OS Knache, to lake over as'Budi's chief ■ aide. It's a good long ri&r^Quid -jielsprettylong."-* T— -■-'■^-■—~~^^.-:.-v4 Few gains in arms GENEVA, Switzerland t UPI) -T)ie30-nation Dtsannament Conference ended a ninc-'wcck' spring se8Bl on-tod By T^ff Hh--flome-propre99-on T^ fllferal T-friendahlp-with-former P residcnt~="bannlng3Jl Enin!

Wallers is a mtlltaiy ofncer on active a two-month recess, summer session, ■dttty T- A - i i iu ii Ui n tf j, h e js Kw I t l w A r my' -chl utu f .

UJ: " " next January with 35 ycors of distinguished service behind himl','- ' - - prohibiting the production and st Dc I(plllng'j}f;al L .

- -rtronmenta l wa r fare, whic h wo u|g,^p y e'^ cussion^.

w 8apon Js^&-wh Iclixontalnt"twb Innocent chemicals which become lethati'When combined. proposed draft Treaty banning inctho(l|(i Ql Iiuhrt-'£^. 5''■"-^• 'Dclcgate5-sai(i the two major'rpovv8n Snlm,;llll6 W- MJVBl^Jj^ chemical' weapons* was made with a new suggestion by the United Slates.

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