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I've been on this site for a month or two, and damnit I haven't seen one furry roleplay, AND DAMNIT I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

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Guys, this isn't a trap to point and laugh at you with, I'm a furry too.

I just wanted to go back to my RPing roots and hang with others like me.

Open to suggestions for plot and setting as well as how to do it.

Peace We are who we are, not who we are meant to be, and anyone who says otherwise deserves what they get...which in my case would be a whole lot of freaking lead. f=112&t=37462Duuuuude, I've been thinking about one of these for ages.

I've just been unsure about whether I'd be the one to make a thread about it.

x D In terms of setting, I was thinking of something modern, set in our world, but revolved around a kind of backwards society that drew its rules from the traditional food chain.

But I'm down for any other suggestions that may roll along.

Rasche, turn on google safe search and type it in, just remember to turn ON THE SAFE SEARCHTae, I like your idea.

Maybe it can be a steam/cyberpunk thing, though, I don't feel like going by the rules for some reason... Furries have a natural talent for being fucked up individuals, but the few of us who are sane (read: not as perverted)--well, we're pretty spiffy. Em, for some reason I've been hellbent on setting an anthro roleplay in London.

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