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We found your pics to show you 2 to be an attractive couple and from that we would love to hook up with you, but the rest of your profile is why we haven't contacted you.

We are non smokers and look for the same, we also enjoy full swap and enjoy the erotisism of kissing and that is a no go in your profile. 10) We're meeting Heidi and her hubby for drinks at Habits tonight.

We don't consider ourselves major swingers, we enjoy making friends first, enjoy full swap, like others to be shaved, respect my wife to the fullest, no cumming in her mouth, are the main rules we have. We agree there are alot of wanna bees and BS artists on all the sites, but with time you will find a few super cpls that you will become friends with and alot more. 5) No but I'd do that guy..maybe have a threeway with them. 11) Don't know about Heidi but I wanna make Kevin Eubank my little sissy bitch!

But remember you have rules and things that are turn offs to others just like us and well, as we always say "No wine will be served before its time". 6) She makes me want to go on a crime spree so she can track me down and "interview" me. Btw, in case you can't tell, in the above pic Mark Koelbel is under the desk givin' Heidi an anal 'oil check' with his middle finger.

trip - - is there any swingers on or near smith mountain lake interested in possible meet? - - [img] Uo JPh_y3M/maxresdefault.jpg[/img] 1) All day long and twice on Sunday. Deanie Wimmer is a total NILF (newscaster I'd like to fuck). And I'd make her bark like a dog (best Bill Murray [Carl Spackler] voice). She's shocked and surprised because usually Rod Decker does that. - - No we have never had anything like this happen. That sort of activity is highly unethical, selfish and illegal.

We do not want to associate with sociopaths or psychopaths and anyone drugging or attempting to drug someone, without their consent or knowledge fits into one of those two categories of people and needs to go to counseling and or jail. We have meet several couples that would never consider a cheating guy, but would a cheating woman.

If anyone wants to speak up in defense of such activities please do so, so that all the good event organizers and all the ethical swingers can see who we need to block and avoid. I think some people ignore the double standard because of the Law of scarcity.

XANADUME we are sorry that you had the experience and we wish you the best. Married/relationship bound men that are exploring without their spouse are no different from Single men has been our experience.

If anyone Male or Female is having a sexual or emotional relationship without their primary partner's knowledge then they are cheating.

It's not a matter of the quality or quantity or even if the partner had suspicions or not.

It's a matter of trust which they are breaking by having a relationship that their partner would not approve of.

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