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This page shows a tentative tree for the family of John Trayes who married Florence Blake in St Teath in 1722. d1873 | m1873 | m1881 | _______________|_______________________________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Eliz. The second entry shown above is the only Thomas Trease recorded in Cornwall in the late 1600s/early 1700s and all records for him cease after his wife dies in 1711. Currently two other potential links between the St Teath/Camelford Trease families with those of the Stoke Climsland area are unexplained : - In 1712 John Treise marries Catherine Browne in Calllington, a small parish adjoining Stoke Climsland which is on the Devon border of Cornwall (see Map). His son, Edward, who went to work in Egloskerry, definitely was a tradesman as, in the correspondence shown below, Camelford parish were quite keen to have him back as they wanted "some of his trade" but, unfortunately, they do not say what his trade was. 01Jun1700 Lanteglos by Camelford Catherine HILL d/o Charles & Dorothy (BTs - COD) No further records for her have been found. John/William HILL base child by Elizabeth HILL 1722 02Mar1721/2 Bastardy Bond 1722 c. John HILL base child of Elizabeth (COD) 1728/9 14Jan1728/9 Apprenticeship Indenture. After he died, his wife Mary remarried to John Blake who appears to be John's maternal cousin, his mother's nephew, as shown in this tree.

It is thought that the three stonemasons - John, Thomas, and Peter may be related in some way. Gilbt=Elizabeth | | c1777 BROWN c1785 c1788 STEPHENS c1791 ? The only other records of a John Trayes living in the area in that period are: - 1722 m. John Treeas and Florance Blake (IGI)(ER)(COD Banns and Phillimores) 1739 m. John Treas and Florence Rogers married by banns (IGI)(ER)(COD - TREAISE) 1778 i. John Treas buried (ER and COD - TREASE) The earliest baptism of a child of John Trayes the younger is that of his daughter Florence in 1745. Thomas TREASE s/o Joseph & Charity [Family 17j_cb] NOTE: This Thomas is the great grandson of Arthur, brother of Thomas of Stoke Climsland (c.1687). The wife of John Trease of Stoke Climsland and mother to Thomas and John Trease was also called Philippa Barnard. In 1732, the year before stepson Robert got married, Thomas's family moved home to Darke Lane, Camelford and stayed there until 1751, two years after Catherine died and when Thomas would have been 64. We don't know what had happened to his son William Hill by then, but all the rest of Thomas's family had predeceased him - wife, children, daughter-in-law, and grandson. Thomas the son of John and Phillip TREIS (Family Search image -1700) 1710 m. Thomas TREES of Stoke Climsland and Mary HENWOOD otp (COD, IGI M053241 - HARWOOD) 1712 m. Thomas TREISE and Catherina ROUTLEY (COD) 1721/2 02Mar1721/2 Bastardy Bond Thomas undertakes to pay for the upkeep of a bastard child of Elizabeth Hill daughter of Charles Hill of Lanteglos parish for a period of seven years or be liable to a fine of 80. Edward ROUTLY and Katherine PAUL (COD) Their daughter: - c. Catherine Routly daur of Edward and Catherine (BTs COD) i. He was born here and I believe never got any other settlement. His first wife died only 18 months after they married. Florance TREAS (COD) Sp2 Florence ROGERS are currently not known.

Information found in March 2013 indicates that Thomas was probably the son of John and Philippa Treis of Stoke Climslandand and, by implication, that John of St Teath was his brother born in 1697 but links with Peter have not been found. m1774 i1711 i1719 w1750 | m1740 i1726 i1719 (base child) SOURCES SOURCES ___________________|___________________________________________________________ | | | | | | Florence John = Margaret = Ann Stephen = Sarah = Rebecca Jennifer= William Thomas c1745 c1748 | LANG DRAKES c1751 | COCK GOODCHILD c1754 | MERRIVEL c1741 i1745 i1810 | m1770 m1790 i1816 | m1773 m1775 d1830 | m1777 i1760 SOURCES SOURCES SOURCES | | ____________________________|_______________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | Thmsn ? c1793 c1796 STRONGMAN | | m1815 i1860 m1817 i1855 i1794 i1860 m1836 _______________________|____________________________ |__________________________ | | | | | | | | John Marg. This exactly fits with him being a son of the John Trayes who married in 1722 and himself marrying around 1744/45 when he was about 22. No baptism record can be found for the other child, Robert, but the evidence that he was another child by this marriage, given below, seems conclusive. The dearth of children indicates that their marriage may have come to an early end, possibly as a result of the death of one of the parents. Accordingly, with his death, this branch of the TRAYES family tree comes to an end. The child`s name and sex is not given so presumably had not been baptised at that time. Catherine ROUTLEY nee PAUL See also explanatory note 4. I am your humble servant, John Rows, Camelford February the 8th 1764 Endorsed for "William Baron Esq. Possibly her death was the result of a difficult childbirth.

The information known about each family and the source from which it has been derived can be found by clicking the link "SOURCES" underneath the relevant family on the tree. No marriage register entry has been found for John Trayes junior. Thomas TREISE s/o John & Catharine [Family 16j_cq] i. Thomas TREISE NOTE: This Thomas is thought to be the grandson of John & Catherine nee BROWN known to be in St Kew in 1718. Robert Routley, the only known surviving child, stays in the area and marries so somebody, possibly one of the parents, must be there looking after him. The closest baptism that can be found is in the neighbouring parish of St Teath: - c. John HILL base child of Elizabeth (COD) Elizabeth may have used a different parish to reduce gossip. Thomas undertakes to train William Hill, a base and poor child, in the Art of a mason. Gilbert HENWOOD (COD)NOTE: most probably the father as wife dies a few mos after 1715 i. Ann HENWOOD (COD) NOTE: almost certainly wife, as Ann daughter of Gilbert buried 1711 Mary : - 1710 m. Thomas TREES of Stoke Climsland and Mary HARWOOD (IGI M053241 and COD) NOTE: HENWOOD in COD 1711 i. at Egloskerry" (CRO P53/13/7 Egloskerry Settlement) In 1769 he received a settlement certificate :- We the Churchwardens & Overseers of the parish of Lanteglos by Camelford do acknowledge Edward Routlift son of Robt Routlift of the said parish of Lanteglos to be our parishioner As Witness our hands this 27th day of Novr 1769 Thomas is the son of Thomas and Catherine TRAYES nee PAUL. If so, the child may have been baptised privately at home hence the omission to subsequently update the St Teath baptismal register. Florance BLAKE daur of Thomas and Mary BLAKE (COD) ? Thomas BLAKE Weaver of St Teath (CRO AP/B/3887) - Admon., and Inv.

The tree will be changed as more information comes to light and significant changes made recorded in the Change History page. i1766 m1710 | i1725 | m1720 | | | i1711 (unmarried) | SOURCES | SOURCES | TREE | ___________________|_ |_____________________________ | | | | | | | | | John = Mary = John Catherine Robert Ph'ppa Thos = Mary John Willm John c? His wife Mary was clearly alive when John made his Will of 1773 in which he refers to his "dearly beloved wife, Mary". Early deaths are often as a result of the wife who dying following a difficult childbirth, and are normally followed by a remarriage of the father who needs support in bringing up his children. In fact, despite a thorough search of Cornish Paris Register entries, no record of Catherine Paul's husband, Edward Routly, or indeed any other Edward Routly has been found. The undertaking commits William to serve Thomas until he is 24 years old. Gilbert HENWOOD (COD) NOTE: Does not state "Junior" but almost certainly is the son. His grandparents are thought to be John and Philippa TREIS of Stoke Climsland. John's second wife may have been 42 when they married and possibly no children resulted from his second marriage. Thomas Blake otp and Mary COOKK of Lanteglos (COD) ?

You should note that different interpretations of the information could place the person to whom it refers in another family and the information shown may be inaccurate e.g. On the 29th April 1774, one year after John died, the marriage of Mary Trease of St Teath is recorded. The marriage and baptism entries shown above are the only entries that refer to him. For his part, Thomas has to house, feed and clothe William. He did not follow his father and become a mason but, instead, became a mariner and died at sea when he was only 35. Mary DRAKE Only one suitable baptism has been found so far: 1722 c. Mary DRAKE dau of Humphrey DRAKE and Blanch nee RUDDLE (COD) This Mary seems closely related to the Elizabeth who married John Trease in 1790. 1746 Cornwall Archdeaconry Court ARD 158/87 Mary w/o Thomas TREISE Camelford vs Thomas POPE Camelford, driller (CRO Ref: ARD 158/33 52 LDS Film 1472030, Item 3 - Cornwall Archdeacony Court) 1762 i. In 1774 John BLAKE, the nephew of John's first wife Florence BLAKE, appears to have married the widow of John TREASE, thought to be John's son. John the son of John and Phillipa TRES (Family Search image -1700) 1722 m. John Treeas and Florance Blake (IGI)(ER)(COD Banns and Phillimores) 1739 m. John TREEAS and Florence ROGERS (COD - Phillimores) 1739 m. John Treas and Florence Rogers married by banns (IGI)(ER)(COD - TREAISE) 1778 i. John Treas buried (ER and COD - TREASE) Sp1 Florence BLAKE ?

it may have been transcribed incorrectly or the source document itself may simply be wrong. Arthur = Mary c1689 c1697 | BLAKE ROGERS c1694 ROUTLEY | PAUL | c1687 ? The marriage register entry describes Mary as a spinster rather than a widow and if the entry is correct it would rule out it being the remarriage of John junior's widow. Thomas TREES of Stoke Climsland & Mary HARWOOD otp (IGI M053241, COD - HENWOOD) i. Below are the Cornish parish register references found so far to possibly related ROUTLEY families : - 1597 m.21Jan1597 Bodmin. This indenture starts almost exactly at the end of the seven year effective period of the Bastardy Bond and presumably relates to the same child. In 1745 or 1746, Alexander Pope, a local miner, spread rumours that Thomas's wife Mary was a whore and Thomas obtained a local court judgement against him for defamation of her character. Admon of Thomas Trayse mariner of Lanteglos by Camelford (COD AP/T/2637) Administration bond of Thomas Trayse, Lanteglos by Camelford, Mariner died intestate on board ship. This marriage adds to the evidence that John is his son, although no baptism has been found.

Dates and abbreviations are explained on the Codes & Conventions page John = Philippa c? i1727| m1683 | SOURCES _____________________________________________________________________________________________|_________________________________________ | | | | | John John = ? Florence Grace Edward (1) = Catherine = (2) Thomas = (1)? However it is reasoned that the marriage register is erroneous because : - However robust the above interpretation of events seems to be, it would be transformed if just two events had failed to be recorded in parish registers - the burial of Mary Trayes, wife of John Trayes senior, and a baptism of a Mary Trayes. Raffe RATLIFFE & Jone CHAPMAN (COD) 1637 c.o8Jul1637 Launceston St Stephen. It is unclear why he should now be named William when the baptism was of John. Gilbert HENWOOD & Agnes SKINNER (COD) NOTE: Children - Jone 1678, Redigan 1680, Gilbert 1687, Agnes c1690 i1711, AND .. Unfortunately we shall never know the background to this case, and particularly the role that Thomas may have played in bringing it. The 1841 Tithe Map of St Teath shows that the locations known as the BLAKE and TRAYES tenements were adjacent to one another and it is possible that this was the case in 1774.

Pysher c1852 | MAY b1853 b1855 | COLLINS b1862 | CURTIS d1850 d1896 | m1862 | m1867 i1851 i1851 | m1873 | m1873 ? NOTE: Currently no further records found of this couple. Philippa TREYS daur of Thomas and Catherine (FMP) - more baptisms/deaths etc 1766 i. Accordingly it will be necessary to continually review the situation as further relevant information comes to light. Four years after William started his apprenticeship, Robert got married and started a family in the Lanteglos by Camelford parish. Philippa TREYS daur of Thomas and Catherine (FMP) 1719 i. Phillipa Trease daughter of Thomas and Catharine (ER) Thomas TREYS 1715 c. Thomas TREYS son of Thomas and Catherine (FMP) - TREAS (BTs - COD) 1740 m. Thomas TRAYES and Mary DRAKE (COD) LINK TO FURTHER INFORMATION John TREYS 1717 c. John TREYS (twin) son of Thomas and Catherine (FMP) 1726 i. John Trays son of Thomas Trays (ER) William TREYS 1717 c. William TREYS (twin) son of Thomas and Catherine (FMP) 1719 i. William Trease son of Thomas and Catharine (ER) Relationship with Elizabeth HILL Elizabeth HILL NOTE: Per bastardy bond, she is the daughter of Charles HILL of Lanteglos parish. 31Dec1685 Lanteglos by Camelford Charles HILL and Dorothy WARREN (COD) Her baptism has not been found but this may be a sister: - c. Florence RODGERS daur of John & Elizabeth (COD) 1743 i. Elizabeth ROGERS (COD) Following option was also investigated : - m. Interestingly the first two similarities also apply to the family of Peter Trease and Joan Sharp of St Gennys, a parish further up the north coast of Cornwall, but so far no evidence of that family marrying into the DRAKE family of St Gennys has yet been found.

m1806 i1851|m1799 |m1796 |m1802 | m1794 SOURCES SOURCES SOURCES | __________|__________ |______________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | James Willm Sarah John Willm John = Rebecca Nich = Mary Saml = Char. Marcena Mary Violet b1856 b1860| b1862|TWEEDY b1862|DUNSTAN b1863 b1864 b1866 HENDERSON b1868|AVENELL b1871 b1871 b1872|HOUSE b1875 b1874|COWLING b1876|OATEN b1878|CLEAVE b1880|KINGDON b1881 b1884 b1896 b1896 b1897 b1899 d1936 |m1882 d1948|m1898 d1864 m1892 |m1897 |m1902 d1948 d1954|m1903 d1945|m1912 i1918|m1908 d1924 d1897 ____|________ (all of James and Keturah's children were born in New ZEALAND) SOURCES SOURCES SOURCES | | | Valtn=Willm Robrt=Marj | b1900|CARNE b1900|CARRICK | d1982|m1923 d1946|m1930 _______________________________________________________| | | | | Geo. Betty=Willm b1904|COLLINGS b1906|GREGORY|RALPH b1911|STEPHENS b1915|BLEWETT |m1926 |m1933 |m1959 |m1933 |m1933 TO EARLIER TREE ^ | Joseph = Elizabeth c1814 | BROWN i1875 | m1839 SOURCES _______________|_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | Willm James = Anna Eliz. Mary Mary = Philip Willm Rosanna = John Eliza = Willm c1839 b1842 | FRENCH b1844 | DAVEY c1846 c1848 b1849 | ? Also it is possible that Thomas came from outside Cornwall. We don't know what Robert did for a living but it seems inconceivable that, as the oldest son, he would not have helped his stepdad at work. The similarities between his family and that of Thomas TREISE make it probable that they are related to one another :- The most obvious connection would be that Thomas's father and John's father John were brothers.

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