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[ADVERTISEMENT.] WINGATE'S MARYLAND REGISTES, Foil 1874-'75-'G. To the people of Maryland it will be of infinite service." From the Baltimore Daily American.

Published Under a A Act of the Leoislatcee Subsceieing for 300 Copies. '"The Martlaxd Register' i« the frnit of arrlnona research, great labof large experience, and it will prove, we doubt not, one of the mo^^t n^efnl ])nblica- tious of its class that has ever been made.

OPINIONS OF THE PRES«- From the Baltimore Dciiy Sim, of June 28, 18.50.

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"'Winerate's Maryland Register' forma an indispen--able record of information foi the use of merchants, lawyers and business men.

We have rarely seen a more fren- -^•crally useful compend.

or one upon which more labor and care in the compilation has been exjiended.

The author is certainly entitled to great praise for the pro- duction of a work which cannot fail to be eminently serviceable to the public, and instructive to many in the performance of public duties.

The last Legislature sub- scribed for three hundred copies for the use of the State,"' &c., &c.

The Bri Jtiniore Patriot says:— "Winirate's Marylan i Register is one of the mot useful books we know, for legal, political and business purposes," &c.. The Americm Democrat pay«: — '•Wiu'_'ate"s Maryland Register is one of the mot important works to the politicians and business men of this State ever presci;;e;l lo the public," &c., &c. The Baltimore Clipper says :— "The Register is a le? al, political and lu T'iii""^ work greatly needed for purposes of reference, and is a most excellent compila- tion," &c., &c. The Ba'timore Eep^/blican Baya :— "Wingate's Maryland Register is a very valnahlc book, and indispensable to merchants and business men as well as to all who wish to become familiar with the political institutions and government of their State," &c. Ecraminer says :— '-We express our great obligations for a copy of the second edition of 'The Maryland Register, fcr 1857. a leiral.'political and business manual, by James Wingate, Esq.' Too much praise cannot be awarded to the capable and indefatigable author for compiling a work so generally useful, in such an admirable form : and furnishing it at a cheapor price than any volume of the same amount of reading matter has ever before been published in this State. Every one should possess a work so convenient for reliab'e reference, and so replete with desirable information." 1 11 OPINIONS OF THE PRESS.

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