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Tom ran a home remodeling business and the office was an old home he had remodeled as a demonstration of what he could do.

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She goes to school most days except for the summer.

She has meet a new friend, Jasmine, a new girl in town.

Jasmine is a tall girl with a slender body with nicely developing curves.

She has been dating since she was young but she is not a stranger to sex but she is not that experienced.

Still her hormones are active and there are times when she is very hot for something.

She and Kate meet at a store and hit it off right away.They have become best of friends and share everything and talk about everything including SEX.In fact the talk about sex has gotten very personal and they both have told the other about their masturbation and their secret desires.Jasmine has been coming to the office with Kate after school and actually hanging around for a couple of months now and she has been looking at Tom with more than general interest.Last month Tom had come in soaked form a downpour he got caught in and without thinking had stripped in his office.He had thought there was nobody in but his daughter and she had seen him before and so he was not concerned about her.

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