Separated woman and dating

This morning while listening to a radio talk show, a woman wrote in about how, as a woman separated from her husband, she found it difficult to date.

People who called in advised her to get a divorce so she could move on.

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I imagine it could be difficult enough dating someone coming out of a divorce, but at least with a divorce, there is some official closure.

With a separation, there's no closure and there's always a chance she could go back to her husband.

I don't really see most people advising a wife to choose her boyfriend over her husband or the father of her children.

And being the new guy, you are competing with history and that can be an interesting battle.

I also understand that these wives need someone to love and adore them too.

But hey, if it's over, I think it's better to get a divorce.

It's not fair to you or the spouse or even the children who do pick up on such foolishness.

If you're really trying to work it out, there should be no dating.

Are there any woman out there who have tried to date while separated from their husbands? For the guys out there, have you ever dated a woman who was separated from her husband?

Do you think you could ever date a woman who was separated from her husband?

You have found the dating site for those of us who have previously been married, but the first time around things didn't work out.

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