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According to the results of the year, the failure of the plans of the authorities about GDP growth can be stated.

And there is no reason to believe that in 2013 the situation will improve.

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In fact, the officials and the “court” business, united in “White Rus”, are trying to increase their influence in such a way.

Belarusian authorities are trying to restore dialogue with the West and the international financial institutions.

However, with the lack of willingness to fulfill the conditions, necessary for the resume of cooperation, the efforts of the official Minsk are fruitless.

It seems that Alexander Lukashenko sets the Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makey unrealistic tasks: to provide GDP growth and to restore relations with the West without any changes in the present Belarusian political order.

However, the time for fulfilling both of the tasks has been wasted.

Regime is getting weaker and its effectiveness is declining.The problem is that the opposition is also not getting stronger and is still not united.Instead of defining an adequate agenda and solving real issues in Belarus in order to care about society, part of the opposition is engaged in the struggle with fictional and imaginary problems.In December, the trend of degradation of the defence potential of Belarus continued, which was evidenced by the withdrawal of Su-27 aircraft from service.And it’s not clear, how the Belarusian authorities are going to stop this process and whether they are going to do it at all.Current supply and announced plans for arms purchases are insufficient.

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