Sean kingston dating maliah

The vixen was spotted on the arm of 'Beautiful Girls' singer Sean at the American Music Awards last month and speculation began that he was dating Drizzy's "sloppy seconds." However, Maliah has set the record straight on the nature of her relationship with Sean, in an interview with Autumn Joi. "The first time we hung out was at the AMAs he asked me to be his date so I thought wow cool. Every since then we've just been cool and he's great When asked if she and Sean had slept together, Maliah replied: "It really bothers me how all the blogs ask is he hitting that? I really feel like I need to know the person I'm dealing with and that takes time." Maliah also described ex-boyfriend Drake as a "gentleman" and explained the reason for their split.

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His career, but it's always like do you think you should be going this far.

The Game released a new track titled “Stripper” this Sunday.

An ode to the stripper ladies providing him with a great time.

He recalls his experiences with both popular strippers Maliah Michel & Tip Drill.

Apparently he was messin with Maliah before she was poppin and wasn’t too happy when Drake was into her. Check out Sean bringing her out to award shows all boo’d up as his date, meeting her mom and even showing his love for her publicly on Twitter months ago!

With these strippers / video girls in hip hop being known for turning tricks and slanging p*ssy with everyone in the game. I'm going to have to disagree with The Game on this one because we don't know the intent behind the relationship.

I mean they might really have something special going on.

People change, The Game wasn't the same person when he first came out on the scene 10 years ago. I mean I know we do it all the time but is that rightx?

This week, Sean Kingston stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club‘ to promote his new single, ‘. It was just like she wanted something serious, serious, serious.

The 23-year-old Kingston native also opened up, dishing about some of the romantic relationships that he had with a few industry chicas, along with what his relationship is like with Chris Brown and Rihanna (who have recently broke-up…AGAIN).

Peep a few excerpts: His current relationship status: To be honest with you, she was a great woman.

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