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From age 6 until late teen, she trained as a ballet dancer and battled eating disorders, resulting in relapse during college years. A degree in art history from the Cornell University in 2000. Cupp and John got engaged in September 2012 and in November 2013 they eventually tied their wedding knot.

Cupp is an American television anchor, author, and conservative political commentator. Quick Info: Born in Carlsbad, California, Cupp spent most of her younger & teenage years growing up in Andover, Massachusetts, where she attended the Academy of Notre Dame. She met her future husband, John at the 2008 Republican Convention, but started dating in 2011.

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Cupp’s personal life is filled with a lot of happiness. More than just a pretty face, Cupp is the perfect example of a person who is undeniably gorgeous and also undeniably intelligent & capable.

Cupp has that sort of ‘girl next door’ beauty that makes her all the more attractive. Cupp has a tall height of 1.8m and body measurements of 37-26-38 inches, which gives her natural hourglass body shape.

Author, political commentator and attractive blue-eyed is a head-turner whose facial features and statuesque frame makes men go daft over her. Her voluptuous figure looks sizzling hot when she comes wearing fitting and body-hugging dresses. She frequently indulges herself in various workout regimes to maintain that perfect body she owns.

Also, it’s quite commendable that even after being the mum, she is in such a good shape. She is a travel bug and loves family trips, exploring new-new places (as seen on her Instagram post).

Soon after graduating, Cupp started working for a PR company and online magazine.

In 2002, her column for the Index Department was posted by The New York Times, and since has been a contributor to numerous publications, including New York Daily News, Townhall, The Daily Caller, The American Spectator, The Washington Post, Human Events, Newsmax and Slate Maxim, among others.

Career Timeline Starting from August 2017, Cupp started hosting self-titled 1-hour political panel show called ‘S. Cupp: Unfiltered’ on CNN, co-anchored by Andrew Levy on Monday to Thursday on HLN.

In addition, she was one of the panelists on the CNN’s political debate show called ‘Crossfire’ as well as on the panel for ‘Real News from The Blaze’ on The Blaze.

Before that, she co-anchored MSNBC’s afternoon talk show called ‘The Cycle’ & prior to that, she was the regular contributor to ‘Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld’.

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