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When life get stressful and hectic, it's important to take a little time for yourself to relax and recharge.Leave the day-to-day grind behind and enjoy a relaxing hour being pampered in your own home.From makeup applications to pedicures, I will show up at your door with everything needed to treat you to a relaxing spa experience in your home.

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I believe that true beauty is a way of living, speaking and treating yourself and others.

Ultimately, all of my work is about helping women feel confident and strong.

Whether you are housebound or in hospice care I will show up with a gentle touch, kind smile and compassionate heart.

I have witnessed how a fresh manicure can turn a day around and the power of touch can comfort a weary soul.

I strive to leave my clients feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Play online spa games for girls where you can run the spa salon using your managerial skills or be a worker at spas providing excellent services to the customers who come in. (SALON) -- Scan the shelves of recent self-help books on dating long enough and a clear message emerges: Singles, after years of balls-out fun, are sick and tired of playing games; finally they're ready to hunker down and work.Judging from a random selection of available titles -- "Recruiting Love: Using the Business Skills You Have to Find the Love You Want," "The Art of War for Lovers," "Be Your Own Dating Service," "Guerrilla Dating Tactics" and, of course, "The Rules" -- the teeming millions are crying out to have their love lives micromanaged by corporate efficiency experts.Dating gurus have always offered hope to the perennially disappointed in the form of fail-proof tactical maneuvers for finding, keeping and managing that special anyone. Whatever their approach, the writers concur: To succeed in love, as in the workplace, you've got to have a goal, a plan and a can-do attitude.After sampling at random from the genre, I have taken the liberty of synthesizing my own "Ten Habits of Highly Effective Relationship Writers" to illustrate their principles in action: 1) Present problem, and repeatedly urge reader to face problem: "Let's face it, meeting good people is not as easy as it used to be ...Let's face it, the days of free love are over." ("Recruiting Love") 2) Make reader feel bad about self: "Doing what you want to do is not always in your best interest.

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