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When Mr Putin chooses to run, he will win, and handsomely.

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Russian girl sexy chat withou registraion

The campaign will be reduced to a bare minimum; there will be no repeat of the exhausting test of the 2011-2012 elections, when Mr Putin declared his candidacy six months early.

His decision to swap jobs with Dmitry Medvedev provoked an unexpected wave of protest.

By the time of election day, the result was not in question.

But Mr Putin invested a lot in winning – emotionally and psychologically.

The absolute deadline for registration depends on whether Mr Putin runs as an independent or on a party platform.

But most expect a declaration no earlier than mid-December. It will offer a sense of drama to what otherwise promises to be a sterile contest.

Likewise, opponents will also have the shortest time possible in which to challenge him.

The opposition, unable even to agree on a unity candidate, is of course unlikely to make a breakthrough.

The controversial candidacy of TV personality Ksenia Sobchak has split the anti-Kremlin vote.

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