Richard daley dating wife dating another man

The lynch mobs have nothing better to do on social media than hate.

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Daley came in for his share of criticism, some deserved, some not, during his over two decades as mayor of Chicago.

We do not have Eliot Spitzer's and Anthony Weiners in our city.

He should not be criticized for his personal choices. We are not savages like a place called New York City. If there is any choice between savage New York and civilized Chicago, support the civilized city. After a lifetime in public he deserves his privacy.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, friends say they’ve been dating for more than 6 months.

Instead of having doors opened for him, he now uses a keycard.…and the comments as interesting. a few diff people suggesting he started dating her before maggie left did appoint her to the board of health the year before he left office (Chicago Board of Health...

You’re starting to see many powerful men dating women of color and not because they met them at the strip club.

It’s troubling to see all the young girls emulating women twerking and not graduating from college and becoming doctors.

“It’s all part of a new beginning.” Despite such new beginnings, every corner of his law office sparks memories of Maggie, from a photo of the former mayor with Bishop Desmond Tutu – who Daley said “used to dance with Maggie all the time” – to artwork created by students in Maggie’s After School Matters program.

When Mellody Hobson and George Lucas celebrated their wedding at a reception in Chicago last month, it was truly a star studded event.

In 1939, Illinois State Senator William "Botchy" Connors remarked "You couldn't give that guy a nickel, that's how honest he is." Daley was appointed by Governor Adlai Stevenson as head of the Illinois Department of Finance.

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