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Let’s Talk Sugar is coming to NYC for another all Sugar Baby meet-up!

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The Pop-up is on Thursday, January 18th from pm-9pm in Lower Manhattan.

The exact location will be released only to attendees.

Let’s Talk Sugar is hosting a series of all-Sugar Baby meet-up events, popping up worldwide in a city near you for 3 hours each.

The idea is to meet Sugar Babies in your area, and get personal advice from the most successful Babies in the Sugar Bowl.

Do you want a Sugar Daddy, but can’t seem to find one?

Our expert Sugar Baby Coaches will be available at the Pop-up to give you some real talk, and help you understand what you can do better.

Do you want to meet other Sugar Babies, but don’t know how? You can meet other Sugar Babies in the Connect Forums. It’s the Let’s Talk Sugar mission to cultivate, train, and grow the Sugar community.

This event will host a group of real Sugar Babies looking to do the same thing. Real Sugar Babies from around the world are talking about Sugar, and are willing to help you. There are four Sugar Babies to every Sugar Daddy, and our goal is to educate the women and men who seek to join the lifestyle on how to do it the right way.

Sugaring needs a north star, and that’s what we want to provide.

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