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AM PT -- Fabolous' longtime attorney Alberto Ebanks tells TMZ ... The video was shot on Wednesday evening in the driveway of Fab and Emily's Engelwood, NJ home -- and the rapper's bodyguard is attempting to hold him back as he yells at Emily and her father.

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In the video, Emily is clearly trying to record Fabolous, which further enraged him.

He lunged at her a couple of times with the object in his hand, and she quickly retreated while screaming. which could be one of Emily and Fab's 2 kids inside the house.

As we reported, Emily told police she'd sent a family member to the house to remove 2 handguns she feared Fab would use against her when he got home.

The video shows Fabolous telling Emily's father he has a bullet with his name on it.

Emily also claims Fabolous punched out 2 of her teeth on March 7.

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